Retrocausality will have been about to have been being a go!

I've been following John Cramer's activities for about 10 years now. So I was excited to see that he has managed to get money to fund his retrocausality project. Here is a powerpoint about what the project is trying to test.
I personally don't expect the experiment will find evidence of retrocausality-- mainly because I think it would violate free will. I do hope it will shed some more light on the nature of quantum paradoxes.


Mike Stay said…
He makes it very clear that there can't be evidence for retrocausality, only against.

How would it violate free will?
D said…
Well, I'm sure you understand it better than I do. Can you show me where he says there can't be evidence for retrocausality?
By violating free will, I mean knowing which choice of experiment I will perform before I have actually made the choice.

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