Blurred Fiction

This is a game played by role players, wandering around in costumes. The artist who designed the props has a site here. It's kind of like a treasure hunt with good props. I think it would be fun to do design a game like this, though it would have to be more mail-based since we're so far apart. There would be (forged) documents you would look through for clues, maybe a fake journal or notebook. I have some ideas how to make it look handwritten and old using the computer, to save myself some work. The forgery aspect of it is the fun part, for me: forgery is a kind of fiction that can be more intense because it engages you on more levels. Anyone interested?


Marcelle said…
I would love to participate in the experience. I've played games like this but far less cool, but if you are making the game I'm sure it's going to be good.
D said…
Well, I'll have to think about what to do. It does sound like fun.
Mike Stay said…
Depends when and how, but I'd enjoy it, too.

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