More Physics

It has always seemed to me that at some point, physics will start getting easier again. Once we really understand what is going on, there will be an easier way to present it that clears up a lot of the confusion. Anyway, this chapter presents the theory of General Relativity in a simpler way. (Though some of his later points about sets are speculative but presented as fact.) I wonder whether you could present Bohm's approach to quantum mechanics in a simple way that made sense to everyone?


Mike Stay said…
Bohm's approach to (nonrelativistic) quantum mechanics does away with the wave/particle duality. Particles are particles and have a real trajectory. He introduces an extra force that depends instantaneously on the position of every other particle in the universe. Clearly, you can't control that, and so you get quantum randomness.
Mike Stay said…
And physicists studying quantum gravity are trying to do just that: find one law from which everything else can be derived, like the maximum force principle referred to in the text.

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