The Undiscovered Country

Sometimes it is whispered that there is a country which has been left off all maps, edited out of all encyclopedias, hidden from the view of satellites by means of a complicated deception about the radius of the earth and the value of the gravitational constant. They call it "Clandestine." The CCC (Cabal of Cartographic Conspiracy) has managed to keep this nation secret since the mid 1600s. It is rumored to be somewhere in the Specific ocean, north of the Isles of Langerhans, near the Freeway islands. After the Great Depression ended, many of the nomadic tribe of Hoboes emigrated there.
It's capital, they say, is the city of Apocrypha.


tpmotd said…
Looks like a satellite view of the Big Rock Candy Mountain.
D said…
It's actually a mineralogical map of the near side of the moon.

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