Diamagnetic Levitation

Humans are weakly magnetic. With a strong enough magnet, you can levitate them. This could cancel out extreme accelerations: for example, you could launch someone into space with a cannon if they were levitating during the firing of the cannon. This would require a very strong magnet, but only during the explosion, so you could build a magnet that self destructs (due to overheating.) Perhaps it could be powered by the explosion itself.


Anonymous said…
No, not really. The human body would still undergo the extreme acceleration needed to launch a projectile into space. It would still be fatal.
D said…
Well, if you assume that the magnetic field could affect all parts of the body equally (which is false, but just pretend) then you wouldn't be crushed by acceleration because all parts would be accelerating at once. It's not like on a rocket where the front of your head moves because the back of your head is being pushed on hard by the seat. With a magnetic field the front would be accelerated equally, so you wouldn't experience the acceleration. It's like falling versus standing on the ground. When freefalling, your whole body is accelerating, but you don't feel any pressure. But when standing on the ground you feel 1G worth of pressure on the bottom of your feet.

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