Christian Bök

I've just discovered a new author who reminds me a lot of Jorge Borges. His name is Christian Bök. They call him a poet, which is right, I guess, though only sometimes does what he writes look like poetry. He invents languages and imaginary sciences. He discovers and creates strange fantasies by ancient authors. He expresses the beauty in structure.

Here's a short snippet of one of his poems.

Fractals are haphazard maps

that entrap entropy in tropes.

Fractals tell their raconteurs

to counteract at every point

the contours of what thought

recounts (a line, a plot): recant

the chronicle that cannot coil

into itself – let the story stray

off course, its countless details,

pointless detours, all en route

toward a tour de force, where

the here & now of nowhere is.

Don’t ramble – lest you dream

about a random belt of words

brought to you by Mandelbrot.


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