Creation of the Solar System

According to, remnants of the manufacturing process were left behind in shoddy, unfinished work on one of the solar system's smallest moons. I think it's called "flashing."

Another possibility not considered in the article is that we have been grossly mistaken about the nature of planets: that they are a kind of celestial fruit, with a thin peel and a juicy interior surrounding what could be called a "core." They grow over time, and eventually burst in a volcanic epiphany, releasing tiny moonlets that go one to seed other solar systems. The stars, of course, are the flowering bodies. The tree itself, larger than the size of the galaxy, is a hyper-dimensional entity known as Yggdrasil.


Unknown said…
I have a similar thought. You might be interested in the current topic I am trying to pursue as a doctoral thesis: The Meaning of Life and Fractal Geometry.
Isn't it interesting that planets mimic the structure of solar systems which mimic the structure of galaxies which mimic the structure of....? So that's going larger with the fractal. What's going smaller? Dandelions have something similar to what you're describing- the propagation stage of their life cycle is to spread a seed out into the wind and grow wherever you land. Perhaps galactic life spreads the same way?

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