Alpha (A translation of Genesis 1)

1. An advent: ancient archangels architect abstract astronomy and arid asteroids.  
2. All asteroids are amorphous and absent; And all asleep across aquatic anarchy. And astral angels advanced across area. 
3. And Almighty asked," Appear." And all appeared aglow. 
4. And Almighty approved. Aura and absence: an antagonistic arithmetic. 
5. An afternoon and aurora, an aeon. 
6.And atmosphere and all awash abscinded. 
7. Astral air above; aquatic area abased. All as Almighty asserted. 
8. Angel's abode appeared. Another afternoon, another aurora. Another aeon.
9. And Almighty authored aquatic archipelagos. Arable acreage appeared. 
10. And Almighty approved. 
11. Abundant agricultural affluence: azaleas, anise, amaranth. And apples and apricots, almonds and acacias, an arboreal appearance. 
12. As asked, all appeared. And Almighty Aleph assessed, and admired. 
13. Another afternoon, another aurora. Another age.
14. And Almighty asked, "Astronomical atmosphere ablaze, aglow, an auroral aubade. Aurora and afternoon apportioned asunder. Add annual analemmas and anniverseries." 
15. And all atmosphere appeared aglow. 
16. Apollo's aura, alighted; Artemis's after, alighted. All astral achieved actuality.
17. And Almighty affixed astronomy and alighted all. 
18. And all aglow adminstered alloted ages and anniverseries. And Almighty approved.
19. An afternoon and an aurora, again an age.
20. And Almighty added, "Abyss, abundantly advance all animals: albacore and alligators, anemones and anchovies, angelfish and anglers; and avians assemble above air: all albatrosses and auks. 
21. And Almighty assembled awesome abyssal animals; all alive, ascending and abasing, abyss advanced abundantly. And air afforded all avian.
22. And Almighty anointed all, and announced, "Amplify and accumulate, abyss and air, abounding."
23. An afternoon and an aurora, another age.
24. And across all areas, animals assemble. Asses, aardvarks and antelopes appear. "Aphids, an ant army, arachnids, all ambling animals: Appear!"
25. Arthropods and amblers arose: and Almighty approved.
26. And Almighty advocated assembling anthropic anatomy, after Almighty ancestor's appearance, allowing adminstration and ascendancy above all animals.
27. Almighty animated Adam, affixing Almighty's aspect and appearance. Adam and Ava are awakened, and achieve awareness.
28. Anointing Adam and Ava, Almighty asked,"Abound, and ascend above all, and administrate all animals-- appointed above all abyssal, aerial, and ambulatory animals.
29. "Attend: all agricultural, and arboreal apples, apricots, almonds appease an appetite.
30. And all abyssal, aerial, and ambling animals are accommodated aliment."
31. And Almighty apprehended all, and approved all as acceptable. And another afternoon and aurora approached another age.

[note-- this was made with the help of a computer program that tries to express the meaning of any word by an adjective and a noun pair. Phrases like "abstract astronomy" for "space" and "aquatic archipelagos" for "islands" were generated by the program. Want to try it out? I made a web program using the same system but with rhyming terms instead of the letter A.]


Anonymous said…
Am appropriately amazed, absolutely an amazing achievement.
gwern said…
I would be interested to hear more about how this was done using word2vec. Is it an iterative method like taking Genesis and for each word, sampling nearby vectors until one decoding to an 'a'-prefixed word is found?
D said…
You asked to hear about how I used word2vec in the translation of Genesis into words beginning with the letter A.
I used the word2vec vectors trained by Mikolov on the Google News corpus. I found a list of adjectives and a list of nouns beginning with the letter A, and formed all possible pairs of the two, adding the vector of the adjective to the vector of the noun. Then I took a term I was interested in, and found which adjective-noun pair was most similar to the vector for that term. So if I put in "god" it might say "almighty archangel" or if I put in "island" it might come back with "aquatic archipelago."
(I've since come up with a more memory efficient way of doing this using sparse decomposition, but that's the method I used at the time.) I also did the same with verbs and adverbs.
I picked through the top twenty or so results for a term and chose the ones I liked the best, as I went through the translation. It was just a tool I used for ideas, not something I could turn loose and let it do the full translation itself.
One of the hardest parts to figure out was "sun" and "moon"-- I made reference to Artemis and Apollo, which come from the wrong mythology, but it was the best I could figure out.
I used the same tech to make rhyming pairs of words that have a particular meaning. Here's a list of some of my favorite results from that program:

cowboy: colorado desperado
llama: coat goat
Star_Wars: groovy movie, halloween onscreen, iconic hypersonic, cute reboot, droid overjoyed, etc...
friar: yeast priest, barbarian seminarian
spaceship: moon balloon
pillow: head bed
trampoline: elastic gymnastic
rocking chair: knitter sitter
weed: vegetation eradication
novel: fiction depiction
juice: dilute fruit
cookie: naughty biscotti
Oreo: black snack
orca: dalmation cetacean
Mad Max: futuristic sadistic
oven: boiler broiler, roaster toaster
clock: chimes times
stopwatch: clocks jocks, elapse laps
dragon: wizard lizard
Lost_Ark: horror explorer
brain: logical neurological
Lincoln: desegregation oration
Beatles: guitars superstars
honey: bees cheese
flower: bloom perfume, frilly lily
Clinton: she nominee
sun: skylight twilight
Bollywood: Hindi indie, Delhi telly

gwern said…
Interesting, thanks. You could probably automate the ranking of candidates further by using n-grams or a language model with beam search to try to come up with choices which maximize the overall Englishness?

Those rhymes are also hilarious.
dopamine said…
This is awesome! Would you consider sharing the code for this and your rhyming pairs on github?
gwern said…
Cat: purr fur
Dolphin: bark shark
Puppy: yelp welp
Shetland pony: shag nag
Mosquito: mighty bitey
Shrimp: chill krill
D said…
I would be happy to share the code with you (and you could put it on github if you want) but it uses several GB of large data files (the vectors for all the words) behind the scenes. Github won't let you post that much. If you have another way you want to do it, let me know and I'll send it to you to do what you want with it.
gwern said…
More generated pairs from :

'Adolf_Hitler': 'extermination sensation'
'America': 'its brits', 'our superpower', 'rationalization nation', 'jews renew'
'Barack_Obama': '[humane/arcane/insane/brain] McCain', 'nominee yippee'
'Clinton': 'masturbation administration'
'Donald_Trump': 'stray toupee', 'prune tycoon'
'Internet': 'adolescent depressant', 'motivation subluxation'
'Internet': 'gender senders', 'obscene teen', 'obscene preteen',
'Japan': 'yen zen', 'constipation nation', 'masturbation nation', 'deflation nation', 'chinese abductees', 'parfait today'
'Mormon': 'dismays gays' [actually almost all of these are 'gay'-related], 'bible intertribal, 'non koran', 'white rewrite', 'include prude', 'perfect sect', 'overprotect sect', 'ensues pews'
'Satan': 'passim seraphim', 'soul troll', 'sin win', 'inner sinner', 'eternal infernal', 'beware prayer', 'chronic demonic', 'demonic hegemonic', 'begin sin',
'anime': 'mech rec', 'japanese dvds', 'rune toon', 'chan fan', 'cartoon poon', 'animation masturbation', 'halloween obscene', 'swoon toon', 'animation overpopulation', 'toon typhoon'
'brain': 'cognition transmission'
'cancer': 'boomer tumor'
'cat': 'nyet pet'
'cat': 'pet threat', 'crustacean dalmation', 'quitter critter', 'habit rabbit', 'bitten kitten', 'fleas louise'
'computer': 'hack mac', 'science appliance', 'rec tech', 'clicker liquor', 'clicker picker', 'clicker dicker','nerd reword', 'griping typing', 'bug unplug'
'drone': 'boop troop'
'earthquake: 'faster disaster', 'dikes yikes', 'balmy tsunami', 'bueno volcano'
'god': 'divine shrine', 'abomination reincarnation', 'daddy maddy', 'oklahoman omen', 'divinity trinity', 'eugene figurine'
'kazoo': 'toot flute', 'groan trombone', 'diaper piper', 'fiddle widdle', 'please wheeze'
'libertarian': 'antitax max', 'dissenter venter', 'hater stater', 'dyspeptic skeptic'
'love': "grate hate"
'male': 'polite white', 'caucasian persuasion', 'heterosexual metrosexual', 'eugene teen', 'hen men', 'prude stude', 'attack black', 'gender offender', 'ape rape', 'hispanic titanic'
'rationalist': 'dogmatic psychosomatic', 'epistemology ideology' 'atheistic mystic', 'logician superstition', 'materialistic patristic', 'gynecologic logic', 'epistemology Scientology', 'dyspeptic skeptic', 'pontification predestination', 'critic semitic'
'school': 'forbids kids', 'aids grades', 'mean teen', 'imprudent student', 'passes classes', 'cussing bussing', 'afraid grade', 'features teachers', 'teacher creepers'
'telecommunications temptations', 'information masturbation', 'spam tram', 'damn spam', 'email sale', 'mail surveil', 'troll toll'
'turtle': 'snail whale'
dopamine said…
Sounds good! I've managed to implement a decently working version in the meantime. What's the best way to get in touch with you?
S said…
This is beautiful! Would love to play around with the code if available - could you host the code somewhere / could I provide you with a Google Drive link to host the vectors?

D said…
Unknown and dopamine--
email me at and I will send you the python code and vectors.
Jim said…
Inspired by the above, I created a version of the first Genesis creation myth using all 'S' words:
D said…
I asked GPT-4 to do Genesis 2 in the same style. It's not verse-for-verse, but there's a lot here I could use if I wanted to continue.

Sure, I can try to do that. Here's my translation of Genesis 2 verse by verse using only words starting with the letter A:

1. And all above and around are accomplished. Almighty and all animals are at an armistice.
2. And Almighty achieved all actions at another afternoon. And Almighty announced a cessation after all actions.
3. And Almighty acclaimed another afternoon as a celebration after accomplishing all actions above and around.
4. And Almighty articulated Adam's anatomy after ashes and air, and animated Adam after applying air across Adam's aperture.
5. And Almighty allocated an area as an abode for Adam: an arboretum called Eden, abundant with apples and apricots.
6. And a aquifer arose across Eden, allowing agriculture and arboriculture.
7. And Almighty appointed Adam as administrator of Eden, asking Adam to attend all arboreal apples and apricots.
8. And Almighty acknowledged Adam's aloneness as adverse, announcing "Adam alone is abhorrent; I'll arrange an ally for Adam."
9. And Almighty assembled all animals before Adam: abyssal animals like anchovies and angelfish; aerial animals like albatrosses and avocets; ambling animals like antelopes and armadillos; asking Adam to assign appellations for all animals.
10. And Adam assigned appellations for all abyssal, aerial, and ambling animals; but among all animals, Adam acquired no ally.
11. And Almighty applied anesthesia on Adam; and after abscising a rib from Adam's abdomen, Almighty attached the aperture again.
12. And Almighty altered the rib into another anthropic anatomy: Ava; accompanying Ava to Adam.
13. And Adam acclaimed "At last! Another anthropic anatomy! Anatomically akin to me! I'll address her 'Ava', after she arose from me."
14. Afterward, both are attached as associates: Ava abandoning her ancestors; Adam abandoning his ancestors; both adhering affectionately.

I hope this is what you wanted me to do.
Jim said…
Lots of errors still, but Wow! What an overwhelming improvement compared to vanilla ChatGPT, which could rarely finish one sentence before forgetting it was supposed to be keeping the same starting letter.

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