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Adventure Time

Adventure Time was the most real show I have ever seen. My son was four when we started watching it, and today, when he is old enough to drive, we watched the final episode together.

In Ooo, the world doesn't make sense. Candy has become sentient, the elder god is a penguin, horned death is reborn as an innocent child. Over time, what were ridiculous non-sequiturs at their first appearance became incorporated into the story of the world. Finn, though, has grown up in this world, and to him, this is just the way things are. His reaction to the world is to always try to be a hero. He doesn't know how to do it. The hero instruction manual (the Enchiridion) was written by someone else who also didn't know how to do it. He's just a kid with a sword and a shapechanging dog, trying to figure things out. But it doesn't matter: because all that it takes to be a hero is to try to be one.
The show is made up of episodes just 11 minutes long. Yet every week, they would manage …

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