Lego Pirates of The Caribbean and the Fate of All Mankind

When he was ten years old or so, Daniel and I played Lego Pirates of The Caribbean together. We had two saved-games going on different computers. On Daniel's save, he decided how to spend the money, and on my save I decided.

Every time Daniel had enough money, he would buy a new character, and play using that character until he got tired of it. The characters had various abilities, and had all kind of funny animations. He had lots of fun with them.

I saved my money. There were certain characters you needed to get past certain obstacles, but besides that, I kept every cent. Once I had enough money, I bought the 2X multiplier, which made every coin you got from then on worth 2. I continued to save until I got the 4X, 6X, 8X and 10X multipliers, which made every coin worth 3840 (2x4x6x8x10). I continued to save until I had 2,000,000,000. At that point I bought every character and item it was possible to buy. It was the maximally efficient way to get everything in the game.

I never played that save again.


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