Eight versions of Robin Hood I've seen

These are listed in temporal order.

Robin Hood (1938) Stars Errol Flynn. The climactic swordfight scene stands out as very exciting and well choreographed.

Robin Hood (Disney animated): This movie was made on the cheap, and it shows. For some reason Baloo and Hiss from The Jungle Book are just dressed up for this. For the sake of humor, they used some very American comic actors mixed with others doing straight British accents, which just comes across as weird. If you speed up the oodalolly song it turns into the hamster dance song. There are some interesting connections to the French sequence of tales about Reynard the Fox.

Robin and Marian (1976): Sean Connery and Aubrey Hepburn at the end of Robin's life. It's slow and moody, but the acting is really well done, and it doesn't just replay the same old material. It's a movie about love and getting old. Neil Gaiman references it in Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves: The visuals (sets, costumes, cinematography) and soundtrack are probably the best of any version, if you don't care about accuracy to the time period. The acting is terrible. It adds in a witch and an attempted rape for no good reason.

Robin Hood (1991): Completely overshadowed by Prince of Thieves, this made-for-TV version is one of my favorites. It's more historically accurate, for one thing. It stars Uma Thurman as Marian, features longbows, and ends with peace with the Saxons, which is historically the way Britain went. There's no Sheriff or Prince John. Let me know if you find a blu-ray version.

Robin Hood: Men in Tights: Like all Mel Brooks movies, unbelievably stupid. "Ay, Blinken! Did you just say Abe Lincoln?"

Robin Hood (BBC One series): pretty forgettable, but if you want a British miniseries about Robin Hood, this one is decent. The characters seem like modern people.

Robin Hood (2010): Russel Crowe is the main selling point for this movie. It's actually a Robin Hood prequel, though it isn't advertised that way, which makes it feel badly paced.

Robin Hood (2018): I think there's a decent political allegory movie to be made with Robin Hood=Anonymous vs. the 1%, but this one failed in lots of ways. It;s like they didn't even try with the costumes (A lot like the 2017 King Arthur: Legend of the Sword) and the characters were not believable. Apart from a few cool scenes this wan't worth watching.


Marcelle said…
I'd also suggest watching the cut scenes from the Robin Hood (2010). I found they made the movie make more sense.
Unknown said…
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I have to admit that I was not aware that this version of Robin Hood was an intro to the legend (didn't see any previews), I was waiting for the well known storyline to unfold, in frustration. Maybe if I watched it knowing that the arrow was not going to be splitting an arrow (a scene I was looking forward to in Ridley's interpretation), I might have enjoyed the novelty of it.

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Nothing in the movie makes sense at all. All I knew is that in the beginning, Robin Hood and all those other guys were on a Crusade, and that's it. Everything else was cloudy and confusing. Why did they put Robin Hood in the stocks? Was it because he punched that guy for no reason? The movie moves on to that little town that gets raided by those kids with creepy masks on. What was that all about? I don't think they ever explained why they were wearing masks and what they wanted or what the point of their appearances were. There were a lot of battle scenes, which were exciting to some extent, but they were outweighed by long, boring scenes with people just talking. And what were they talking about?? The accents, I think were either over-exaggerated, or badly done, because I had no idea what any of the characters were saying half the time. And what was with Russel Crowe?

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