New planet candidates

The following three planets look like really good possibilities for life. In general, with a radius larger than Earth, one hopes for a temperature lower than Earth's, expecting a thicker atmophere. All three have suns that are close to the same temperature as our own, but the first two are smaller than our sun (.8 x) and the third is larger (1.2 x).
None of these have been announced on the news because they like to wait for confirmation.

These are different from earlier reports because they are orbiting yellow stars, like the sun, rather than orange or red stars (which are smaller and cooler).

Year in Earth days
Radius in Earths
Temperature relative to Earth's
KOI 7016.01
35 C lower
KOI 7235.01
18 C lower
KOI 7179.01
17 C higher

EDIT: On July 23, NASA announced that KOI7016.01 was confirmed. It's new name is Kepler 452-b. As of that date it was the most Earthlike planet found so far. The new radius is 1.6 and the new estimated temperature is higher than Earth.


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