guilty pleasure SF movies

SF movies that have big flaws but I liked them anyways:

Judge Dee and the Phantom Flame
I have never met another person who watched this movie. I found it on Netflix.

There just wasn't a lot of high fantasy in 80s films. It's uneven (The whole tavern scene should go), but the great moments make up for it.

Badly paced, weird costumes, incoherent premise, but I adore it.  I have an elaborate story in my head filling in everything wrong or strange about this.

Red Dawn
I had enough friends who believed that this day was coming that it was a real pleasure to see it put on film.

Independence Day
The special effects, the music, the bizarre speech by the president were all great. And I thought the resolution of using a computer virus was actually very reasonable. My biggest problem with the movie was the telepathy and the line "1/10th the mass of the moon."

What Dreams May Come (except the ending)
I just thought it was really different and imaginative. I thought the paintworld was dumb, and the golden city heaven seemed bland. My real problem that ruined the movie for me were all the endings. They just got worse and worse.

Flash Gordon
I loved the rockets, the skies, Hans Zarkov, the Hawkmen, the Queen soundtrack. I should note I saw this first at age 7 before I had any concept of kinkiness.

War of the Worlds
The 60s version was pretty good too, but I'm talking about Spielberg's one. It's long and a little weird, a horror movie with a happy ending, but I thought it was really interesting to watch. 

Big Trouble in Little China
It was funny and really weird.

Lost in Space
I can't even justify this one.

Neverending Story
The only things wrong with this movie are the synthesizer soundtrack and the outdated special effects. The child acting is great, the story is perfect, the deeper themes are epic, and the whole thing is like the best kind of flying dream.

Edward Scissorhands
I think this is my favorite Tim Burton movie. Although I could be persuaded on Beetlejuice (minus Beetlejuice himself who I thought was disgusting) or Nightmare Before Christmas (which kind of drags, but has a lot to love)
Explorers (until they enter the alien ship)
This was basically wish fulfillment fantasy. I felt betrayed by the filmmakers with the comedy aliens at the end. D.A.R.Y.L. is also good. I think it has the same actor as Neverending Story, actually. 

12 Monkeys
It's very sad, but it has a solid time travel plot and Bruce Willis.

Scott Pilgrim Saves the World
I really liked the video game style battle at the end.

Deep Impact
I felt moved by the characters' difficulties, and it was not bad on the science. Contrast with Armageddon, the dumber, more expensive asteroid show that came out the same year.

Dante's Peak
The grandmother's death scene was really stupid, but overall it was a good disaster film and it was not bad on the science. Contrast with Volcano, the dumber, more expensive volcano movie that came out the same year.

The Avengers (the 90s spy show)
The bit with the teddy bears is especially boring, and there could be more real wit and action but I liked the actors and a few of the surreal scenes are brilliant.

here are a few SF movies that are just terrible:
The Core
Bicentennial Man
The Seeker
Green Lantern
Superman IV
Highlander II
Batman and Robin
Dungeons and Dragons
Inspector Gadget


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