The Eldritch Collection in 13 volumes

Looking for something to read this Halloween? Every one of these tomes is guaranteed to drive you mad with unspeakable revelations of ancient forbidden knowledge!

De Vermis Mysteriis and Liber Ivonis (The Book of Eibon)
Cultes des Goules and Die Unsprechliche Kulten
The King in Yellow
Massa di Requiem par Shuggay
Du Svardenvyrd
The Book Bound in Pale Leather
The Book of Sand
Necrotelicomnicon aka the Liber Paginarum Fulvarum
The Thousand Nights and One Night (full version)
The Egyptian Book of the Dead
The Codex of the Black Labyrinth

The 13th volume is a collection of handwritten manuscripts on mathematical philosophy by the following authors:
Georg Cantor
Kurt Godel
Ted Kaczynski
Ludwig Boltzmann
Yutaka Tanayama
C.P. Ramanujam
Felix Hausdorff
Paul Erdos
John Nash
Emil Post


I misread the final author as EmilY Post. That was odd!
D said…
There is some etiquette Man was not meant to know!

They're actually all mathematicians who went mad or committed suicide, and the madness was rumored to be related to their ideas. There were a couple more computer science people I had planned to add, but I thought they had died so recently it might be insensitive to friends or relatives if they googled the name.

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