LDS Animal Research

The Foundation for Animal Research and Church Education has just posted the latest issue of their journal, detailing the research they have been performing over the last few years.  If you're in the Provo area you can drop in and see their lab!  A few highlight papers:

" Homeostasis of frogs in water with a temporal temperature gradient"

"Simian fruit grasping reflex through a narrow channel"

"Crab king-of-the-hill behaviors in bucket conditions: a retrospective survey"

Do you have any favorites to add?


D said…
I thought about how we have all these odd stories in talks about putting frogs in water and gradually raising the temperature, or trapping monkeys by putting fruit in a bucket with a hole too small to get the hand back out, or crabs in a bucket pulling each other back in. And I thought it would be funny if there was a research lab where the church studied these sort of things, to come up with more analogies for talks. So I called it F.A.R.C.E. and gave the papers scientific sounding titles.
D said…
^^^^ For those that didn't get my joke.
Marcelle said…
I'd like to submit for review "Stimulation of nacre production in marine bivalve molluscs of the genus Pinctada by silicon dioxide granules"
Marcelle said…
Nature vs Nurture: A case study of aquiline mis-identity through socialization among melleagris gallopavo peers.
Marcelle said…
A review of cooperative or competitive eating schemes among entangled asini.
Marcelle said…
Please consider this: Camelus Bactrianus or Camelus Dromedarius: Will physiology determine edge in realizing miniscule apertures ahead of affluents in pursuit of beatific realms?

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