Summers Stay Hotel

The Summers Stay Hotel, also known as "Booked" is a hotel that is arranged like a library. Room numbers are according to the Dewey Decimal system, or by author's last name and genre, for the fiction section. Every wall of the hotel, both inside the rooms and out, is covered with bookshelves from ceiling to floor.  The front desk looks like an information desk.  There is no pool, but there is a children's room that has sliding ladders on the walls that can be brought up to high speed and crashed into each other (padded, of course.) When you "check out" from the hotel, they allow you to borrow a book for one year, hoping that you will return it the next year for another vacation stay.
The hotel has been so successful the owners are expanding to a cruise zepplin.  "Booked Passage" has rooms of much the same sort, but will slowly float between major university libraries around the world.

It turns out that someone else has had much the same idea, and such a hotel actually exists in NYC:


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