moon art


Some of my art, created using Fourier transforms.


Karen Ahlstrom said…
Thoser are pretty. How much input do you give it, and how much tweaking do you do afterwards?
D said…
I give it very little input, only a black circle somewhere on a white field. There's a few other things I can change, but I don't know what effect they will have. Then I crop it and change the coloring.
Mike Stay said…
I'd like to see the source!
D said…
Well, here's pseudocode:

Place a black circle randomly in a white image.
Take the fourier transform of the image, creating a frequency image.
Resize the frequency image, either larger or smaller, or blur it with a gaussian. This mixes up coefficients between points nearby in frequency space. It's a kind of violence, and it shakes shadows of the circle loose from itself in various uncontrolled ways, symmetric and fractal.
Take an inverse Fourier transform.
Adjust color map to taste.
D said…
Oh, I also sometimes shift the image (it is toroidally connected) and crop it to taste, or flip it vertically.
Or I might superimpose two such pieces.
I've experimented with other shapes, but I only like the results with circles.

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