Physics Part V

This is a slight expansion on the previous version. For each of these charts, to move down, you integrate over time, and to move to the right, you integrate over distance. Left and up are derivatives with respect to distance and time respectively. One might expand these charts further to the left, if various quantities of density are of particular interest.

s^-2change in magnetic fluxchange in current (slew rate)
s^-1magnetic fluxcurrentmagnetic pole strengthmagnetic dipole moment
linear charge densitychargeelectric dipole momentelectric quadrupole moment

s^-3pressure driftareal power losslinear power losspower
s^-2sound energy densitysurface tensionforceenergy
s^-1(dynamic) viscositymass transport ratemomentumaction
linear densitymassfirst mass momentmoment of inertia

s^-3jerkarea per second^3
s^-2angular acceleration / frequency driftaccelerationhelicity / specific energy / tenacitygeo- potential
s^-1hertz (units per second)velocitykinematic viscosity(hydraulic) current
sslowness (measures dynamite fuses)timespacetime hyper- volume


D said…
I came across the unit "inverse femtobarns" today and had to look it up. It turns out it is a measure of area density (like "per square meter").
D said…
Here is an interesting discussion of the issues raised in this chart.

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