I asked my Mom to make a stuffed Hobbes doll for my son Daniel. The idea was to make it look kind of like the stuffed version of the doll from the comic, but with enough of the fuzz near the cheeks to be instantly recognizable as Hobbes. He really loves it and carries it around with him in various floppy ways.

Edit: There have been a lot of requests for my mom to make more of these, but she isn't interested in doing that.  She knows Bill Watterson doesn't want the strip commercialized.


Anonymous said…
HI! My name is Betsy, and I was wondering if your mom had a pattern for the hobbes?? My son, Calvin, yep named after Calvin and Hobbes, has a tiger named hobbes, but I'd do anything to make him a real one:) the one your mom made is amazing! You can email me at thewellmans06@hotmail.com
Anonymous said…
Hi! I too, like Betsy above me, would love to know if your mom would be interested in making a Hobbes doll for our daughter? We'd obviously pay for any fees required and shipping and handling. We're very interested as I've never seen such a perfect replica! My e-mail is chrisherisson@gmail.com. Thanks!!
Anonymous said…
Your mom's version is wonderful! Has she started a business yet? I would love one for my son's Halloween costume -- he wants to be Calvin and we can't find a good Hobbes anywhere. Please email me if she has an extra to sell!

I, too, would love to either make or have your mom make, a Hobbes doll for my darling but ever so Calvin-like grandson! Yours is purrrfect! Is such a request even possible? My email is:

Anonymous said…
Hi, there! You are probably getting sick of hearing this, but I LOVE your mom's Hobbes and would love to know if she has a pattern or would be willing to make one. I would gladly pay. My son is a Calvin look- and act-a-like, and he needs his sidekick badly! :)

ad7am said…

Another request here for the opportunity to purchase either a completed Hobbes doll or even just the pattern!

Thanks —

hobbesdoll [theATsymbol] adamkuhr [DOT] com
honeykbee said…
Oh me too, me too! How wonderful that Hobbes your mom made is! Really, it's just fantastic. Your adorable little man sure is a lucky one. We would *love* to get our hands on a Hobbes like that (we have our first born arriving this spring). Any feedback welcome, hkbeelog@gmail.com
Sarah said…
Yes, I too am wondering if your mom is interested in making and selling them. Since I haven't seen you respond with a comment saying that she doesn't make them, I'll assume (and HOPE) that she does!
Please let me know,
supersarahann (at) hotmail (dot) com
perfectpear said…
Yes, another very interested person wanting your mother's Hobbes pattern. He is absolutely FABULOUS! My 9 year has Asperger's and would do ANYTHING for a stuffed Hobbes...its his "best friend". Can I please purchase a pattern? karenandjustin@yahoo.com
Ken said…
I am a MAN and I am learning how to sew just to make this doll... If you have a pattern please email me at krichlin@gmail.com thanks! - Ken
Unknown said…
Hi if you are able to make more of these, please email me at impatrickk@gmail.com
Patrick said…
Hey my name is Patrick and I was wondering if your mother could make another hobbes doll. My email is impatrickk@gmail.com
Anonymous said…
Your mom did a BEAUTIFUL job! Would she be willing to just share some tips. Did she alter an existing pattern and how did she do the stripes? I'd be very grateful.

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