Shrimp and Seahorse

I was feeling inspired by Karl Sim's creatures and thinking that it would be fun to design a game around evolving underwater robots. The game designer would create robotic looking primitives (instead of cuboids and cylinders) and then just turn them loose for you to compete against for survival.
I downloaded some L-Systems code and some OpenGL code but got tired of it before I got anything decent programmed. What I really felt like doing was making concept sketches. And then I realized how hard it was to get perspective right, and decided to make them out of Legos instead.
So here are two sea creatures, a shrimp-bot and a seahorse-bot. Some other designs would include octopus, coelocanth, starfish, eels, creatures from the Devonian shale, and deep sea fish with lots of teeth. Of course the evolution algorithms would mix them all up.


tpmotd said…
I really like that shrimp!

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