Today I saw another bumper sticker asking "What would Jesus Do?" Let's ignore the fact that the two things that annoyed Jesus most were:
1. People commercializing the sacred (aka "the whip incident")
2. People making an outward show of their piety to impress bystanders (I believe the term "whited sepulchres full of dead men's bones" was mentioned)
Ignoring those points, the fact remains that figuring out what Jesus would do is kind of tricky. After all, He was the smartest person who ever lived, according to Talmage. Our mental model of His mental processes is going to be inadequate to the task.


tpmotd said…
Thank you! I've always had that problem (figuring it out, I mean) with this question.
tpmotd said…
Oh, and what do you think of CTR rings in that case?
D said…
I think a CTR ring corresponds more to the IKTHS fish or masonic pins. No one who sees it notices it or understands it unless they are also part of the group. But you could be obnoxious with CTR, too, if you wanted.

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