The Temple in Jerusalem

I love BLDGBLOG. It's the greatest. In a recent interview, there is a Roman wall carving showing the sack of Jerusalem. It's showing an event from Biblical prophecy from another side. It makes it more real, a stereo viewpoint that makes the flat pictures seem to exist in space. It makes me think about other stories, and what the people involved thought. What did the people in Jericho think when they were attacked by the Israelites? What was the Egyptian impression of the Exodus? I've wondered about the centurion who nailed Christ's hands to the cross: did he realize, as he felt for the gap in the bones in the wrist, that what he was doing would become something sacred?


Anonymous said…
Heather and I stood in Rome, right between the coloseum and the forum and looked at that carving: it is on the Arch of Vespatian. When you see it in context, with the MASSIVE buildings and civilization and power of the Romans surrounding you still, you realize how futile resistance would be. And yet the Jews resisted. In Jerusalem. At Masada. Very powerful.
Another viewpoint is available for the Assyrian attack on the same city of Jerusalem. The annals of the king say "the king of Jerusalem [that would be Hezekiah at the time of Isaiah] was enclosed like a bird in a cage." True. But the Assyrians NEVER got into the cage: hence, the kingdom of Judah survived when everyone else around them was conquered. Compare that with the story in the Bible.

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