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Karen Ahlstrom said…
Have you read any of Brandon Sanderson's work? He's a science fiction author that's a good friend of Peter's. He used to work at The Leading Edge with us, and has been a guest at LTU&E. His first published book Elantris is about as good as a stand-alone (ie not part of a trillogy) fantasy novel can get. He's also published Mistborn, and has a second Mistborn novel currently going to press as well as a young adult book: Alcatraz verses the Evil Librarians (which sparked a heavy bidding war by three publishers).

On his blog and website, he posts story ideas he'll never use, chapter by chapter annotations of his novels, and sample chapters of books he's working on to get feedback from readers. Peter and I often get full novels from him to read and comment on -- just a couple weeks ago he sent us something amazing. I think you'd really like his stuff.

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